About the company

Linex EOOD is established in 2002. In the first year of its activity the company launched only its own LINO brand and produced ground coffee for Espresso and for Turkish pot in Packages of 100 g, LINO Coffee Beans in Packages of 1 kg and developed local distribution only in North Bulgaria.Today, our products are sold everywhere in Bulgaria and are exported abroad. Thanks to our flexible marketing strategy, own brands LINO, Lipti and Chocolino could be found in each city in Bulgaria. In addition to our own brand names, we manufacture on behalf of our clients under their private labels. Currently our products are about 60. The main categories are: Ground Coffee, Instant Coffee / Cocoa drinks, Coffee and Tea supplements, Cappuccino and Hot chocolate, Soluble Tea and Fruit drinks. Our best products are: Lino 3 in 1 Mocca Classic Instant Coffee mix in single sachets of 18g, Lino 2 in 1 Instant Coffee mix in sachets of 10g, Lino 100 % pure Instant Coffee in Single sachets of 2g and Tea and Coffee Creamer in different packings. Linex EOOD employs over 60 people, uses its own vehicles and has built wide distribution network over the years. Bigger part of the raw materials is directly imported from Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia, Poland, etc. Linex constantly improves technology process, expands its production line with new machinery and equipment in order to achieve maximum efficiency, better use of human resources and best quality of products. Our modern production plant has high capacity and complies with the European standards of hygiene, product health and safety and safe working conditions. We use HACCP system of risk analysis and critical control points. In November 2016 Linex EOOD obtained IFS Food certification Version 6 which guarantees quality and reliability to our partners and clients. Our company prospers, expands and strengthens its market positions due to our dynamic, innovative and continuous efforts to develop and launch new products. At the moment Linex is one of the biggest manufacturers of 3 in 1 Instant Coffee mix and Instant drinks in Bulgaria. The company’s management follows continuous improvement and stable partnership policies, and strives to maintain trust and confidence in its customers and partners. Linex EOOD has established long-term partnerships with wholesalers and many retailers such as Billa Bulgaria EOOD, CBA Bulgaria Ltd, Paconi Market Ltd. and Metro Cash & Carry Bulgaria!

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