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The cold instant coffee drink Frape Cafelino is a great solution for hot summer days. All you have to do is to pour the contents of the sachet into a glass and add 80-100 ml cold water or milk. Once mixed well, the drink is ready for consumption. Optionally add a few ice cubes.

Available in two versions: black frappe and white frappe;

10 sticks in a display box, 10 boxes in a stack, 160 stacks on a pallet;

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How people drink coffee around the world?

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Waking up in the morning without coffee is just not the same. But in different parts of the world people prefer this magical beverage in various and extraordinary ways. You may be surpriced that in some countries coffee is served with pepper, nutmeg or even cheese.

Here are 10 different combinations:

1. Kaffeost – Finland
In Finland cheese is necessary added to the hot coffee. It may sounds strangely, but Finns generally love bizzare food combinations.

2. Yuanyang – Malaysia
Yuanyang is magnificent drink, which can be served cold or hot. It contains black coffee, black tea and milk.

3. Cà phê đá – Vietnam
This drink is extremely sweet and strong at the same time. Vietnamese iced coffee is made from coarsely ground
dark roast coffee, which is brewed directly is glass of condensed milk and then ice is added.

4. Café de Olla – Mexico
Mexicans brew their coffee with cinnamon stick and add unrefined cane sugar. They serve the drink in clay cup, because of the belief that it “substract” all the coffee tastes.

5. Café Touba – Senegal
Cafe Touba is traditional coffee drink in Senegal. Its name comes from the sacred town Touba and in the beginning was consumed only by members of the Muslim brotherhood Mouride as nowadays is available for everyone. The consistency is prepared from ground roasted coffee beans and African black pepper.

6. Ristretto – Italy
That’s how Italians call their shorter shot of the traditional espresso coffee. From Italian ristretto means “limited”, as the water is the component that is reduced.

7. Cafe Bombon – Spain
If you like your coffee sweet, you can try Cafe Bombon. Spanish people prepare it as they add sweet condensed milk to the coffee.

8. Mazagran – Portugal
Mazagran is Portugal iced beverage. It is made by mixing espresso, water, ice and lemon juice.

9. Café au lait – France
French prepare coffee as they boil milk and add freshly brewed coffee. The trick is to be served in big cup in order to be easier to dip your croissant in the drink.

10. Spiced coffee – Morocco
This aromatic drink is made with freshly roasted coffee and spices such as cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, carnation, nutmeg.