History of coffee

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History of coffee

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For home coffee argue Kafa field in southwestern Ethiopia and Yemen, and its origin are legends. According to one of them a young Abyssinian shepherd noticed that the normally somnolent state of coat change when feed from the fruit of a plant. Goats became unusually active. The young man also decided to try these fruits and they acted as his, we often forget about their problems and felt the luckiest man in Arabia. Monks from the nearby monastery noticed mood of the shepherd and learned about the miraculous effect of these fruits, also began to pick them. Thanks to these grains, they very gently passed the night vigils. Known is the legend of Omar Sheikh, a doctor and priest who lived as a hermit in a cave and treat patients who come to him with a potion of sweet flowers and fruits of the coffee tree.

For many centuries, coffee has been known only in the Arabian Peninsula. In the 17th century in Turkey has spread to Europe, but only in the 18th century French sailors carried him to America, where he now is grown and produced almost 90% of coffee in the world.

In 1637 in England found the first European coffee house. Since then, and today cafes are one of the most popular meeting places of all kinds. They have played an important role in the spiritual and political life of Europe.

      Effect of Coffee

Freshly brewed coffee not only wake you up and refreshes morning. Flavor is able to assist the body in its fight against cancer and cardiovascular disease. According to Professor of Chemistry University of Califonia cut, the aroma of coffee is partly due to the chemicals that make up the powerful anti-cancer antioxidants. He said these chemicals in a cup of freshly brewed coffee are equal to those contained in three oranges.