Linex Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of a diverse range of powdered soluble beverages and coffee products. Established in 2002, the company specializes in the production and packaging of:products containing soluble coffee, coffee mixes 3 in 1, 2 in 1, cappuccino

  • ground coffee
  • dry coffee creamer
  • soluble drinks with added flavours and aromas
  • instant tea

Linex Ltd. has its own brands “Lino”, “Lipti”, “Chocolino”, “Cafelino”
“Mon Sen” and also produces private-label products. The expanded and updated production capacity allows the production of a large quantity of goods in short terms and at affordable, competitive prices.

Purpose: The quality and safety of our products is our primary task, for which we have implemented high international standards HACCP and IFS. All stages of production and realization are subject to these standards, starting at the delivery stage, through processing and packaging processes, until reaching the final customer.
The company maintains long-term, upright relationships with partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Poland, India and Turkey.

Mission: We strive to constant improvement of our products and services to maintain high customer satisfaction. The products offered are of proven quality, professionalism and an ambition for innovation.

Vision: To be well-established and trust deserving business partner.

Values: Loyalty, Reliability, Perfection