Instant Coffee Greek Frappe 400 g

Instant Coffee Greek Frappe 400 g

Instant Coffee Greek Frappe 400 g

Bag 400 g

Cafelino is the classic Greek coffee that is used to make frappe, the original Greek cold coffee.

Ingredients:100% all natural Robusta instant coffee

Our recipe

For the frappe coffee drink you must follow a few very simple steps in order to have the best coffee:

  1. Put one finger (1 cm) of water in the frappe glass. DO not put more water it will not make the proper foam
  2. Add one or two teaspoons of instant coffee
  3. Add sugar, sweetener or stevia if you want
  4. Use the mixer and mix it until you make a thick foam. The correct foam does not fall out of the glass when you turn the glass up site down.
  5. Fill the glass first with a little water and then with ice-cubes. If you fill with ice-cubes first you will destroy the foam.
  6. Add milk if you want
  7. Fill up with water
  8. Clean the mixer by just put it in a glass of water

From one bag you can prepare about 100 cups of coffee.
Ingredients: 100% natural instant Robusta coffee
Bag of 400 g
Transport box includes 12 bags